Udaipur, also known as the ‘City of the Lakes’ is a destination that deserves the attention of traveller. If you’re in Rajasthan, you cannot come back without exploring this city. If you cannot shell out a lot of time, just having two days on you would ensure that you soak up every bit the city has to offer.

Since it’s a city with the lakes as its centre of attention, much of the sightseeing usually revolves around them. On your first morning here, strike off the City Palace from your list by heading there. It’s one stunning palace; takes around a couple of hours to fully see the palace and it’s best that you visit it first thing in the morning so as to avoid big crowds of tour groups that come in later.

Photo Credit: GettyImages

Another noteworthy attraction is the Bagore ki Haveli Museum. The gorgeous building houses an eclectic mix of exhibits; from a puppet collection to one of the world’s largest turbans there’s a lot to explore while wandering through the rooms and grounds of this old haveli.

A beautiful little park in the busier part of the city called Saheliyo Ki Bari is another must-visit. Although it’s small, the well-manicured gardens and impressive fountains make it a peaceful place to visit in Udaipur. You can actually have a quiet picnic here with your loved ones.

Now, to talk about the lakes – first up is Fateh Sagar Lake known for surreal sunsets. You will never get tired of sitting by this lake and watch the sky change colours as the sun goes down. Another really famous one is Pichola Lake that attracts lots of people in the evening who want to experience one thing only – a gorgeous sunset. You could also take a boat ride on Pichola Lake or seat yourself in one of the rooftop cafes – whatever suits your fancy.

Remember to grab an authentic Rajasthani thali for lunch at Traditional Khana or Natraj. For dinner, Raas Leela will be your best bet. If you’re craving some good coffee and bakery items – head to Cafe Grasswood or Edelweiss.

Udaipur is well-connected by bus and train to the cities of Jodhpur, Jaipur and Pushkar. There is also an airport in the city with regular flights to bigger cities such as Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.