The city of Aizawl has an astounding lot to offer: from pristine locations, grassy meadows, to dramatic landscapes and delicacies delicacies, and therefore, should be on every traveller’s list. It has the most beautiful and soothing climate all year round. Being the capital of Mizoram, it’s no hassle travelling here; it’s well connected through road, rail and air with the rest of the world. Also Read - Delta Variant of Coronavirus Detected For First Time In Two Northeastern States: Report

The first attraction you must see here is the Tamdil Lake. In Mizo language, “Tam” means mustard plant and “dil” means lake. Although it’s 110 kilometres away from Aizawl, it’s worth the visit because it is the largest lake in Mizoram and is unbelievably beautiful. It offers boating facilities and a rare species of frog called Leptolalax are also found here. Also Read - Can You Spot the Tiger? This Pic of a Tiger Hiding Has Gone Viral From Mizoram's Dampa Tiger Reserve

Then there’s KV Paradise, popularly known as the modern Taj Mahal of Mizoram. It was made by a husband in the loving memory of his wife whom he lost in a car accident in 2001. It is a three storey mausoleum on the outskirts of Aizawl. The widower spent his lifetime of savings in its construction and today the white structure is an epitome of eternal love and affection. Also Read - Bank Holiday Alert: Banks To Remain Closed For 3 Days In The Coming Week | Full List Here

Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary is roughly 170 kilometres away from Aizawl and is spread over 35 square kilometres. It is a sub-tropical and semi-evergreen forest that is home to tiger, sambar, barking deer, serows, hoolock gibbon and plenty of birds too. It also has a large number of gaur (the Indian Bison), a variety of butterflies, leopards and rhinoceroses. The vividness of flora and fauna in the lush green wilderness, tiny rivulets and several trees such as teak, sal and eucalyptus make it an absolute delight to nature enthusiasts.

If you’re one for trekking, and a difficult one at that, head to Durtlang Hills, set on a steep hill and flanked by craggy peaks. It offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Aizawl city. Then of curse there’s Vantawng Falls about 137 kilometres away from Aizawl. It is a spectacular waterfall and also the thirteenth highest waterfall of the country, falling from a height of 750 feet. The crystal clear water gushing down the cliffs is a visual treat and is quite enlivening.