The Tata Suite at Mumbai’s iconic Taj Mahal hotel has welcomed many an important guest. But the opulent suite will not host Britain’s Prince William and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. The royal couple begins their week-long maiden journey to India and Bhutan. They land in Mumbai today. While Kate and William will stay at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and pay homage to the victims of the 26/11 attacks, the royal couple will not accept the luxuries of the iconic Tata Suite (pictured below) that goes out for as much as Rs 9 lakh per night.Also Read - With Dressing Room Drifting Away, Virat Kohli Quits T20 Captaincy But it Might Not Safeguard 50-Over Leadership

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Reserved for world leaders, royalty and members of the Tata family, the Tata Suite is the pinnacle of luxury. Even so, Kate and William will opt for a far less expensive suite. Sources from the hotel inform us that they will most likely be staying in the Rajput Suite of the hotel. Also Read - KBC 13 September 16, 2021 LIVE Episode: Retired Diplomat Manju Seth Only Takes Rs 40,000 Home

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Photograph courtesy: Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

The reason why the royal couple will not stay in the opulent suite is because of the name associated with it. The Tatas are not exactly popular at the moment in Great Britan. Tata Steel has come under the scanner of UK’s Serious Fraud Office that has opened criminal investigations against the company’s British operations.


Photograph: Abhishek Mande Bhot

Even as the police are investigating allegations of tampering of certificates that detailed the composition of steel products of Tata Steel, the company has announced that it is putting up its entire UK business for sale. The decision that was taken at a meeting in Mumbai, not very far from the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, has put the jobs of thousands of workers at risk. The Daily Mail speculates this as one of the biggest reasons why Kate and William have opted out of the Tata Suite during their maiden voyage to India.


Photograph: Getty Images

So what will Kate and William miss at the Tata Suite?

The Tata Suite has 15 rooms (yes you read that one right) that (according to the hotel’s website) are decorated with priceless paintings, lush carpets and authentic colonial furniture.


Photograph courtesy: Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

Not only does it offer panoramic views of the Gateway of India, the Tata Suite also boasts of breathtakingly expensive hand-woven silk draperies and upholstery that are embroidered with gold and silver threads as well as the finest crystal chandeliers.


Photograph courtesy: Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

The floor of the Tata Suite is set in clear white Makrana marble and has 13 staff members that are dedicated exclusively to the guests of the suite. This is the very suite that Michelle and Barack Obama stayed at during their visit to Mumbai in 2010. And it’d really be a pity that William and Kate won’t have their name in the guest book of the suite.

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