holika dahan

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Holika Dahan is celebrated a day prior to the festival of colors, Holi. While on the day of Holi we play with colors, on Holika Dahan, a bonfire is lit to symbolize that truth prevails over evil. Also called Chhoti Holi, the festival marks the death of Holika and the victory of Prahlad who walked out of fire unhurt without a scratch. According to the legend, Holika had a boon which protected her from getting burnt. In order to kill Prahlad, she sat with him on her lap in a bonfire but to everyone’s astonishment, she got burnt alive and Prahlad emerged unhurt. Holi, like every other festival, celebrates the triumph of good over evil and every year Hindus celebrate Holika Dahan to commemorate this event. Also Read - Sunlight Spots! Anushka Sharma Shares Mesmerising Sun-kissed Picture, Hubby Virat Kohli is All Lovestruck

Like all Hindu festivals, there is an auspicious date and time when the ritual should be performed. This year, Holika Dahan falls on Wednesday, March 23. Though it is celebrated in the evening, there is a specific time when it needs to be performed. The mahurat for this year is as follows: Also Read - Amid #VirushkaDivorce Trend, Anushka Sharma Shares a Sun-Kissed Picture, Virat Kohli is All Hearts | SEE POST

Puja time for Holika Dahan begins at 6.30 pm and ends at 8.53 pm. The total duration is two hours and 22 minutes. Between this time you can perform the rituals as it is considered auspicious. Also Read - Kejriwal Warns of Action Against Private Hospitals Denying COVID-19 Treatment, Urges Asymptomatic People to Not Test

Many people also apply colors on each others’ cheeks to begin the festivities of Holi. While they play with colors the next morning too, this is just a mark of celebration as it is Chhoti Holi after all.

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