Holi is one of India’s most convivial festivals. Rightly called the Festival of Colors, it is when you will find people laughing, smiling, dancing and most importantly, trying to drench each other in various colors. While the best Holi celebrations are held in north India, Maharashtra too is a great state to witness Holi festivities. People meet with their family and friends on this day and great each other by applying powdered colors on their faces and foreheads. Festivities are often accompanied by music, singing and dancing. Some people even indulge in the delicacy named “bhang” which gets everyone in a happy and jovial mood. Holi 2018 is on March 2, which means it is just round the corner. (ALSO SEE Holi 2018 Getaways: Quiet, Offbeat Places to Escape the Festival of Colors) If you are not yet feeling the Holi vibe this year, here are some photos of Holi in Mumbai and other cities of Maharashtra to put you in the mood. Also Read - Sonu Sood Meets Maharashtra Governor, Gets Full Support From Govt in His 'Ghar Bhejo' Initiative

Man with colored face during Holi celebration in Mumbai, Maharashtra

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A boy playing with water gun during Holi in Mumbai

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People celebrating the Indian color festival of Holi by greeting each other with smiles and powdered colors

Holi Maharashtra photo 3

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People celebrating Holi in Mumbai

Holi Maharashtra photo 4

Mumbai boys join in and celebrate Holi, the Hindu festival of colors at Malad in Mumbai

Holi Maharashtra photo 5

Happy Holi in Mumbai!

Holi Maharashtra photo 6

Holi celebration in Virar

Holi Maharashtra photo 7

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Holi celebration usually comprises singing and dancing

Holi Maharashtra photo 8

Holi often leaves your hair completely messed up!

Holi Maharashtra photo 9

Youngsters dancing with music during Holi festival in Pune

Holi Maharashtra photo 10

So, get ready for one of the best days of the year! Holi Hai!