Holi 2018 is on March 2. With the amazing festival just round the corner, several people are already making plans to either attend their favorite Holi parties, or just burst water balloons and throw colors on neighborhood (friendly) rivals. Holi is truly one of India’s most vibrant festivals. It is a day that appeals to the kid in you. No matter how hectic your life is or how serious a personality you are, you want to just let your hair down on the occasion of Holi and have a good time with your friends. For those who wish to use the Holi 2018 long weekend to take a trip, there are a number of amazing places to visit during the festival. But for those who want to stay put in their city and enjoy the festivities, there is enough to choose from. Nothing beats the experience of playing the game of throwing bright colors on one another and looking like a clown at the end of it all. Here are some amazing Holi images from all around the world to get you in the mood for Holi 2018!

Color festival at Spanish Fork, Utah, USA

Holi Image 1

People’s faces smeared with colors during Holi celebration at Bankey Bihari Lal temple in Vrindavan

Holi Image 2

Happy people during Festival of Colours, Holi, in Spain’s Barcelona

Holi Image 3

Indian people celebrate Holi to mark the beginning of Spring

Holi Image 4

Two Indian kids with their faces smeared with colors while celebrating Holi, the festival of colors

Holi Image 5

Indian people celebrating Holi in Nandgaon, Uttar Pradesh

Holi Image 6

Indian devotees dance in colored water at the end of Holi celebrations at the Baldev Temple in Mathura

Holi Image 7

Holi festival celebrations in Chelyabinsk, Russia

Holi Image 8

People celebrating Monsoon Holi in Madrid, Spain

Holi Image 9

Another one of Holi celebrations in Nandgaon

Holi Image 10

Elephants of Jaipur are decorated during Holi with great zest!

Holi Image 11

So, are you excited about Holi 2018 now?