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Having holiday blues after the four-day-long Holi weekend? Here’s some good news, April too has long weekends and holidays in store for you. So book your tickets, keep your bags packed and head to a new place that is perfect for a short break. We tell you when you can go on a holiday in April. Also Read - Philippines Releases Over 15,000 Prisoners Amid Covid-19 Outbreak

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April 8 (Ugadi/Gudi Padwa), April 9, 10 (weekend)

The second weekend of April is a three-day long weekend as April 8 which is a Friday is Ugadi or Gudi Padwa. Celebrated as the New Year by several Hindu communities, it is a festival where people dress up and eat sweets. If you won’t be celebrating it but have a holiday, you can make use of it by taking a three-day trip. We give you a few options you can explore in the country within three days with a planned itinerary.




April 13 (Baisakhi)

One of the best days to get a holiday is bang in the middle of the week and Baisakhi falls on a Wednesday this time. If you take two days off from work, you can get a long weekend. But if you can’t you can go for a day trip in your city or on the outskirts of your city too. Here are one-day trips you can take.

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Mount Abu


April 15 (Ram Navmi), April 16, 17 (weekend)

Friday being Ram Navmi followed by the weekend gives you another three-day-long holiday. If you take Thursday off, you can even get a five-day holiday. Now that sounds good doesn’t it? You can even go for a trip abroad in five days to places like Thailand, Dubai, Bhutan and more. But if you are not planning to take an off, here are some places to explore within India in three days.




So, where will you go this April?

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