hot air balloon

Do heights give you the thrills…or chills? If you agree with the former, then this article will have you walking on air! A month long hot air ballooning activity has been planned for one and all in Munnar; starting from April 21st till May 20th. For those who can’t get enough of tea gardens or of Munnar, then this activity will come as a breath of fresh air, because you can now view the beautiful tea gardens and streams that are constantly winding; offering you stunning views at every twist and turn from high up above! Organized by the Tourism Department of Kerala and The Ballooning Club of India, they have made it possible for numerous families to enjoy a hot air balloon ride. The balloon ride will be a tethered ride, but even so, one can drink in the magnificent beauty of Munnar. Choose a sunrise ride or a sunset ride, both of which will surely be exciting. Each ride lasts for ten minutes and can accommodate 2-4 passengers. It’s the perfect getaway for you and your family this summer. If you want a chance to feel the kind of bliss a bird, or even Superman experiences, then head out to the Hot Air Balloon Festival. Now is your chance to prove that you were not building castles in the air when you spoke of your adventures involving heights; or about that exhilarating vacation you promised your loved ones!

Date: 20th April – 21st May

Venue: Tata Tea Grounds/ High Altitude Sports Centre

Price: Rs.1450/- per person

Contact: +91 90488 34333 or