Bella Hadid Instagram

Bella Hadid Instagram

Love knows no bounds. At a time when people all across the world believe in celebrating love with pride, it is heartwarming to see colorful pictures of pride parades from all over the globe. And when celebrities stand up for love by attending these events, it makes a big bold statement and helps towards making a bigger change. Take Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid for instance. The two popular models who are loved by millions made their presence felt at the London Pride on Saturday. The two stunning models are known the world over for their sexy outfits, charismatic personalities and fearless sense of living. They are also the best of friends and often post pictures together from some of the most exotic places in the world. (ALSO SEE These hot photos of Kendall Jenner are sure to spark your wanderlust) We couldn’t help but swoon over the two of them when Bella posted this beautiful picture from London with a heartwarming message. Also Read - Watch: Instead of Money, People Play Poker With Toilet Paper Rolls at London Club

Looks like Bella and Kendall had quite a ball in London

London Town

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These two ladies know how to always have fun!

She cold like she sick with the fluuuuu (Long leg Lizzy/ BIG KEN/ Dizziest girl in town)

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Before London, Bella was in France and posted this hot photo from Arles 

always try to get a nap in when I

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In France for a Dior opening, Bella made heads turn as usual

All these beautiful photos make us love and respect Bella and Kendall even more than we already do. Not only are they the most stylish travelers on the block, they also stand for causes that matter. Not to mention, they give us some strong buddy travel goals! So who is your best bud and where would you like like to travel with them? NOW SEE Hot bikini photos of Bella Hadid will make you want to hit the beach

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