The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions China is that it is the world’s most populous country. A close second is the number of electronics goods manufacture there. However, China has much more to it. It is an excellent tourist destination and is home to some gorgeous grasslands, lakes, mountains, deserts and islands. One such island is Hainan. The Hainan province is China’s southernmost point. It is known for its spectacular beaches and forests located in the interiors. The most famous attraction in this province is Sanya, the southernmost city of the Hainan island. Known for its clean, white-sand beaches and amazing holiday resorts, Sanya is a mesmerizing holiday destination that should feature on your bucket list. Here are some hot photos of Sanya that are sure to spark your wanderlust. Also Read - China Lifts 73-day Lockdown in Wuhan, The Origin Point of Pandemic; 'Not Time to Completely Lower Guard,' Warn Experts

A young man walking on a tropical beach in Sanya, Hainan island, China

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Panoramic view of Sanya city and Dadonghai bay from Luhuitou Park

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A whole view of the Phoenix Island Harbor of Sanya city in China

Sanya China photo 3

Sanya during sunset

Sanya China photo 4

Bird’s eye view from a high mountain in Sanya, China

Sanya China photo 5

Quan Yin (goddess of mercy) in the center of Buddhism of Sanya city, Hainan province, China

Sanya China photo 6

Traditional red house in in Sanya city

Sanya China photo 7

Guanyin statue in Hainan

Sanya China photo 8

Footbridge to pavilion at the beach

Sanya China photo 9

Aerial view of the city of Sanya

Sanya China photo 10

Tropical swimming pool with sunbeds in Sanya

Sanya China photo 11

Tropical resort overlooking the South China sea

Sanya China photo 12

White GuanYin statue in Nanshan Buddhist Cultural Park, Sanya, Hainan Island, China

Sanya China photo 13

Breathtaking, isn’t it?