I lost my soul in Sikkim, its been over 2 months since my return back home but for some reason, my soul is still stuck in there. The wallpaper on my phone, desktop as well as laptop probably shows how the place has left a major mark on me and is now a major part of me and who I am.

This trip to Sikkim was a rather abrupt one, I still remember receiving that call from my dad when I was standing at the bus stop waiting for my bus to arrive, already late for college. It was probably one of the happiest moments of my life. Travelling to North East was something that I was longing for since quite sometime and finally without much fuss or talking my dad had booked the trip.

The best things in life come free. The best part of my trip was not those expensive rope cart journeys or fancy visits to the museums, it was not those long shopping trips in Gangtok or those monasteries in Pelling, it wasn’t the tea garden in Darjeeling or the hot spring in Lachung. It was the stories that our driver Pauna had to share with us, it was that two hour long conversation that an antique shop owner Vicky had with us, it was meeting Pauna’s family and relatives. It was those long magical drives from one snow capped mountain to another. It was watching pink faced kids climb their way on top of mountains in smart looking school uniforms. It was that feeling of freedom I felt while conquering Zero Point. It was the wish to die in the arms of The Tsomgo Lake. It was all those moments of silence and understanding my dad and I shared while admiring the beauty of Sikkim. It is all those things that still make me want to go back in time every now and then! On my flight back home, there wasn’t a moment when I wasn’t thinking of the place and its beauty and its hangover still seems to last within me.

tsomgo lake

Those 7 days and 6 nights of my life shall always be fresh in my memory. Every place, every learning, every face and every story that I came across shall always be a major part of my doings in life. I lost my soul in Sikkim, I lost it to simplicity, nobility and transparency of life there!


The legend of the Tsomgo lake!