Tourism and waste production go hand-in-hand. The more tourists a country or for that matter, a city gets, the higher are chances of the environment getting polluted. That’s because as a race, we feel a sense of entitlement rather than responsibility because then that means compromising on comfort.

Therefore, it should be common knowledge that if we carry on with that mindset with that pace, we’re going to soon convert places of beauty into poop-holes. Let generate a sense of oneness with the place and treat it like we treat our homes.

A few steps that we can take are:

Switch plastic bags for paper bags

We like to shop, don’t we, especially when we’re visiting a new place. It’s just exciting to stack up on things that catch our fancy. But how about we’re just a little mindful about the bag we use. It really does make a difference if we opt for paper bags or just carry a cloth bag around. And even better if we can inspire others along the way.

Opt for an eco-friendly mode of transport

It’s easier said than done, but one must try. Try to walk as much as you can, and rent a bicycle wherever its possible. Your effort in controlling air pollution will not go in vain. It won’t add that much extra toxins to the air you breathe. A great trick is to rent a car with other travellers, so that you’re all contributing to a great cause.

Accommodation ethics

We tend to leave the lights and AC in the hotel room on when we step out. Or we waste toiletries and water. We unnecessarily call for fresh towels sometimes twice in a day. Enjoy the luxury around you, but try not to misuse it. Staying in a homestay- or a local could perhaps also educate you about the electricity, water and other issues that region faces.

Local shopping

If you buy local stuff from a place, the money goes to the locals. It doesn’t add on to the transportation that export and import incur. It doesn’t expend human labour in setting up a place to sell consumer product. In short, buying something local will help generate money in that place, and will help tourism grow organically.

Highlight socio-civic problems on social media

When we’re travel, we often notice things that is away from the public eye. Something that’s destructive to the environment. Or something that needs immediate addressing. Sometimes the local turn a blind eye to social-political conditions because they’ve been living with it for so long that it doesn’t bother them anymore. But as responsible travellers, we should put it out there and demand reforms with the help of social media. This way we will just help the world to be a far better place!