If you’re a frequent traveller, you know it isn’t easy keeping your health and fitness levels in check. It’s the hardest especially when you’re travelling in a new country and culture. However, just a few hacks can ensure that you don’t put on weight while travelling and also maintain a healthy gut.

Eat local food

What’s travel without savouring the local food. Be it from street side or fine dining. The reason why local food is often the best bet is that it is freshly-made using seasonal and local ingredients. That ensures that most of the nutrients are packed into the food. Also, it will help you connect better with the ethos of the place. If you are staying at a homestay, request for a home-cooked meal and have the best experience of your life.

Pack healthy snacks

Eating out every time is not feasible, it does take a toll on your health. So the best idea is to keep some snacks on you at all times. From granola bars, to homemade cookies, these can come in handy as a mid-morning or evening snack. Foods like chana, dry fruits or even popcorn not just curb your hunger but also give you an instant boost of energy. Even biting into an apple before you go for a swim or run is very helpful.

Always order a salad on the side

Ordering salad at least once a day ensures that you eat less of other food that are loaded with calories. Anywhere you go, salad is always on the menu, however, make sure you order what’s in season for a nutrition loaded plate of raw goodness. Also, always order food that is grilled or steamed as opposed to fried to avoid common digestive disorders. And keep your meals as light as possible.