For every traveller on an Economy Class of an aircraft, the most exciting thing is an upgrade to Business Class or First Class seats. However, there’s a catch; you mustn’t make the mistake of downright splurging if you want that upgrade on either domestic or international flight.

One of the most important things to consider if you’re keen on getting an upgrade is whether the special treatment is worth splurging on. Of course, one has to pay extra for superior seats, but it’s important to remember to not dole out a huge amount when the service doesn’t make a significant difference.

Essentially, it is vital to compare the cash difference (between an economy and a business seat) of different airlines. So, that you know exactly how worth it an upgrade on your flight in particular is.

Along with comparing the cash difference, figure out how better the food, comfort, lounge access and priority treatment (at check-in, security and the boarding gate) really is. For most, getting an upgrade to a bed on an overnight flight is far more valuable that during a day time flight; when you’re happy to while away time watching movies and reading. Similarly, you have to weigh whether the upgrade to a priority access at an airport is truly beneficial; if the airport is incredibly busy you win, but if it’s a small empty airport, you don’t really need priority access that much.

A trick to maximise your chances of an upgrade is by flying with the right airline and planning ahead. You have to know which airlines are most likely to give out upgrades. Airlines hardly dish out upgrades based on what you wear, what you say, or how nice you are. With the some planning and learning the system, it’s easy to upgrade your existing ticket or to buy a first class ticket by even using miles and points.