While there’s no denying the fact that travelling abroad is expensive, there’s always a way around to fit it in your budget. You just have to be aware and attentive; when to book your flights, where to book your room, and how to manage your food and drinks is all a part of that budgeting. These tips are likely to save you quite a bit of your precious money.

Book flight tickets when the time’s right

Exercising a few tricks to get a cheaper flight ticket can go a long way in saving you money. Always remember to book a ticket in incognito mode, get weekday tickets instead of weekend and preferably plan your trip during off season.

Always buy a local sim card

Going on international roaming is a strict no-no. It is multiple times more expensive than buying a local sim of the place you’re in. The sims are easily available at the airports or any local mobile store. Also, a nice trick is to switch to the WiFi wherever possible instead of using your data so that you can use the data for a longer time.

Book a hotel room for multiple nights for offers

When you book a hotel room for more than 3 nights, usually most hotels have some sort of complimentary offers to go with it. Either they’ll give you a complimentary night or free breakfast, or even some discount. Compare hotel prices on different websites so you can land the best deal. Also, you can save money if you opt to stay at cheaper places such as a hostel or an apartment.

Buy duty free alcohol at the airport

It’s unbelievable how much money we often spend on drinks in a new country. To save unnecessary expenditure, buy alcohol from duty free the moment you land in the new country. This will ensure that you can drink without paying copious amounts of money to bars; you can drink up in your room instead. You can have a few drinks when you are out, and then continue the party in your hotel room.