While it’s the trickiest to keep yourself hygienic and clean while travelling, if you’re properly prepared, you’ll be ready for whatever trial comes your way. From using an apple or lemon to improve your breath, to taking a shower without water, here are a few hacks that along with maintaining your hygiene, will also improve your spirits and overall health.


You are a 100 times likelier to catch cold while flying than you would on the ground, thanks to low cabin humidity. However, one important way to protect yourself is by keeping your hands clean, using an alcohol-based sanitiser before a meal, and after using  the washroom.


Depending on the climate of your destination and your skin type, pack sunblocks, moisturisers and lip balms. If you’re travelling outdoors during summer, remember to stay hydrated and also don’t ignore facial cleanliness. Always carry rinse-free facial cleanser, facial-cleansing wipes and makeup remover.


A penetrating bad breath is the worst form of odour one often encounters while travelling. You can’t help it sometimes; the flight journey may be too long or there may not be a sink readily available while trekking – the reasons are aplenty. However, there’s a solution to everything now; beyond the obvious mints or gum, there are a variety of oral care products available in the market. From disposable mini-toothbrushes that can be used without water to pocket-sized mouth sprays, always keep them in your carry-ons. Also avoid onion and garlics before a flight, and binge on foods that naturally help clean out the mouth such as apples and lemons.


Shower as frequently as you can while travelling; it’s unbelievable how much bacteria, dust and pollution we brave everyday. And if you’re in a water-free environment, yet in a dire need for a shower, remember there are magical products for that too.