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Planning with friends is usually the toughest kind of trip planning. Whether you’re right out of school/college or you’re a working professional, getting everyone on the same page is a lot more than a task. God forbid, your group has both, planning a trip can be even more nasty with availability, budgets and preference of destinations. There are various kinds of people you can will at some point travel with, from friends who have envious Instagram accounts to those who live paycheck to paycheck, from those who want to travel but never have dates and to those who tag along only as the designated drivers. Traveling with people you grew up with, went to school with or may be work with has various pros and cons to it. So, we’re here with seven tips as to how you can plan a perfect trip with your friends where everyone is just as involved as you’d like them to be! Also Read - After Opening Parks, Jammu And Kashmir to Open Tourism in Phased Manner From July 14 | Check Guidelines

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1. Lock down tentative dates


Before deciding where you want to go, decide on a date when each one of you is free. This may mean taking a trip anywhere between two weekends from now to two months from now, so be open to suggestions. More importantly, the time of your visit has a lot to do with the destination you must visit. So don’t be rigid about certain dates, because somebody else’s dates might as well coincide with long weekends, reducing the number of leaves you’d need to take.

2. Decide the destination carefully

While it may be easy for you to get acclimatized to the cold mountains, not everyone can physically deal with it just as well as you do. So before getting worked up about trekking on some snow-capped mountain in the north, make sure all of your friends are okay with it, mentally and physically. After all, you don’t want to be looking after your sick friend when the weather is perfect and the vacation is only getting better.

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3. Take into consideration everybody’s preferences

From what you’ll will eat, to how you will travel and where you will stay. Keep all your friends on the same page. If some are looking for budget accommodation and the others are looking for luxurious resorts, there has to be a mid-way so that none of your friends feel like they are over compromising.

4. Meet in person and communicate


Not only does this make sure that everyone knows what the plan is, but all your friends will probably be meeting after a long time and it’s better to bond right from when the trip is being planned. In fact, communicating with each other makes it easier to just be honest without hurting each others’ feelings. This comes in handy, especially while managing expenses.

5. Share responsibilities

Speaking of expenses, don’t be the only person who plans everything. You will definitely leave room for things to be done better. There will be one or two friends who could’ve done it better and you need to let them do it! For instance, if planning itineraries is your thing, take it up! But let somebody else pick your accommodation and may be another friend could help you plan the travel. Team work in such cases reduces the chances of friends complaining about the arrangements made and everyone comes on board to adjust a little!

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6. Keep track of all expenses

Considering adjustments, while sometimes, you may end up paying for friends who’re short of money or you may be the one who borrows money from somebody else, keep track of all expenses at the end of the day. If you’re careless with cash, make sure, all your friends’ bank account details are fed to your phone and your can transfer money via net banking whenever the need be. Download apps so that you don’t need to roam around with a pen and paper taking notes of who spent- how much and where!

7.  Pack together


Last but not the least, packing! When I say pack together, I don’t mean carry all your luggage to one friend’s place and then pack. What I mean here, is make a common list of things all of you will end up needing. From munchies to snack on, to toothpaste and may be some frisbees and volleyballs for recreation. Packing together in these scenarios, will actually reduce the total luggage.

So go ahead and plan a trip with your friends, the summers are here and some pool or beach or hill station cottage is awaiting your noisy group to have a helluva time there. And despite all the planning and months of coordination, even this feels like a good enough bet, doesn’t it!

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