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Solo backpacking is not everyone’s cup of tea and if you’ve finally decided to do it, pat your back first! Our world is full of places that are simply gorgeous and traveling to these places has been life changing for many. The mere experience of leaving behind your home and traveling by yourself is enriching enough to take the leap of faith and dive into the plethora of options there are. While there will be a lot of instances when you’ll  have the liberty to be as impulsive as you’d like to be, there will be just about the same number of times when planning and being prepared will make a difference. And here are just about a few things that will help you get ready for your for first backpacking adventure. Also Read - As COVID-19 Cases Cross 214-mark With 5 Deaths, Himachal Pradesh Extends Lockdown Till June 30

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1. Learn to cook or be open to eating local food

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Food is probably one of those things that brings you closer to the place you’re traveling to. It gives you a literal taste of everything your travel destination is about. From the people to the climate, food is a representation of each place and sometimes, it’s not too easy to adapt to different cuisines. If you’re vegetarian, vegan or allergic to certain ingredients, learn to cook. Simple modest meals are all you’re crave for and being able to cook something that reminds you of home when you’re alone is therapeutic. So get your hands dirty and learn to make the daal-chaawal every Indian loves at the end of the day! Also Read - Suzuki Motor Resumes Operations in Gujarat Plant

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2. Make a check list and have a solid plan.

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Planning is extremely important. Whether you stick to it or not is circumstantial. From what you pack to what you’ll wear and where you’ll stay, each step needs to be thought of. Yes, the thought of taking off without a plan sounds extremely exciting, but you’ll only be smarter if you plan for your first trip. It’s only the things you learn from this trip that you’ll apply to your future endeavors. Having a plan B will never hurt.

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3. Train yourself to be fit before and on the trip

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A backpacker is hardly ever accompanied by a porter! You’re signing up to carry your own luggage through the trip. Your body has to be prepared weeks, if not months, in advance to walk, hike or trek through various terrains. Your backpack is all you’ll have and you’ll want to guard it more than your life. So it’s better work on these aspects now than to give up midway when you’re panting and can’t walk any further.

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4. Read a lot. Interact with fellow travelers even more.

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Research is the key. No matter how much you already know about a place, one or another traveler will have a different experience that you can only learn from. Being a good listener always helps. Participate in travelers’ summits, follow travelers on social media, hangout with people in your city and show them around. Backpackers have a worldwide network full of people willing to help. And though nothing can teach you better than your own experiences, you can always avoid the same mistakes!

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5. Invest time in managing your expenses where they can be curbed

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Photograph courtesy: Aneta Ivanova

Lastly, keep a check on where you’re spending and how much. While you don’t need to be on a strict budget while traveling, cutting down on unnecessary expenses like souvenirs is very important. Right from the planning stage of your trip till the last day of your journey, keep a track of your money. Since this is your first trip, don’t spend too much on purchasing gear the first time itself. Borrow some things if you must. Bargain for food, accommodation and local commutation. You never know when and where you’ll need an extra sum of money, after all not every place around the world has ATMs

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