Gira waterfall in Saputara

Gira waterfall in Saputara

One may not consider Gujarat as one of India’s prime tourist attractions. Yes, it is quite a historic state as it was the birthplace of the great Mahatma Gandhi and more recently, India’s current Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But when it comes to tourist attractions, Gujarat is not as famous as an Agra or a Goa. However, the fact is that Gujarat is home to several beautiful destinations which are worth checking out. Be it the amazing Dwarka known for its religious significance or the Gir forest for its population of the Asiatic lion, Gujarat is a wonderful state to visit. One of the hidden gems of Gujarat is the Gira Falls located near Saputara. It makes for a great picnic spot and a lovely getaway from the hectic urban life. In case you have no clue where the Gira Falls are, here are all the details on how to reach Gira Falls by road, train and flight. Also Read - When in Saputara, Don't Miss a Trek to Hatgad Fort

How to reach Gira Falls by road

Gira Falls is located in Saputara around 409 km from Ahmedabad. It is more accessible from Mumbai as the distance between Mumbai and Gira waterfalls is around 279 km. Here is the detailed road route to reach Gira falls from Mumbai: Also Read - Gujarat Tourism: Best Winter Holiday Destinations in Gujarat for 2017

How to reach Gira Falls by train

While the nearest railhead to Gira Falls is Waghai, it is Billimora in Gujarat which is the most convenient railhead to reach Gira Falls. Distance from Billimora Jn to Gira Falls is 65 km and it takes around 1 hour and 22 minutes to reach by road. Also Read - Best Places to Visit near Ahmedabad on Diwali 2017 Long Weekend

How to reach Gira Falls by flight

The nearest airport to Gira Falls is Vadodara which is located at a distance of 309 km from the waterfall. Saputara is well-connected by road to Vadodara.

So, next time you are in or around Gujarat’s Saputara area, make it a point to visit the Gira waterfalls.