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Matheran is one of the finest hill stations to visit in Maharashtra. It is known for its pleasant weather, especially during monsoon and winter. The colonial architecture of the mansions here makes it a great attraction for those looking for a heritage-like tourist spot. But what makes Matheran most alluring is that vehicles are banned here making it an excellent eco-tourism destination. One of the most frequently asked questions about Matheran is how to reach Matheran from Thane. Here is what you need to know. Also Read - Matheran: A Misty Retreat in Maharashtra

Matheran is located at a distance of 63 km from Thane. The ebst way to get to Matheran from Thane is by road, preferably by your own private vehicle. Many bike riders too take the Matheran road trip from Thane thanks to the scenic rural route. Here is the road route from thane to Matheran: Also Read - How to Experience The Hill Station of Matheran on a Toy Train

You cannot take your vehicle all the way up to Matheran as vehicles are not allwed there. Whether you go by car or bike, you would need to park it at the Dasturi parling lot. From there, Matheran is an easy 30-45 minute trek. The trek takes you through the toy train tracks which are flanked by hillocks and greenery. Beware of monkeys on the way though. They will try to snatch any visible eatables from your hands.

If you prefer taking the train, you can go upt Neral station which is the ebase for Natheran. From there, you can hire a shared vehicle to take you to the Dasturi parking from where you can start your Matheran trek.