St. Mary's Islands

St. Mary’s Islands

There aren’t any islands in India like the St Mary’s Islands off the coast of Malpe beach near Udupi. Here, you’ll find incredible basalt rock formations that resemble straight, sharp-edged pillars of rocks shooting out of the rock bed. They look like they’ve been carved meticulously, with precision, but these are as natural as the Arabian Sea that stretches to the horizon on all sides. They say that Vasco da Gama first landed on this island before making way to Kappad Beach. ALSO READ: St. Mary’s Islands in Karnataka: A great afternoon getaway from Mangalore Also Read - 'Long Fight Against COVID-19 But Can't Give up', Says PM Modi; Is This a Hint at Lockdown Extension?

Apart from the crystallized basalt rocks, the St Mary’s Islands also have two incredible beaches, off the usual tourist track. The Eastern beach has virgin sands, while the western beach is almost entirely covered by sea shells. With blue waters, swaying palm trees and the pleasant ocean breeze, St Mary’s Islands is the perfect weekend getaway from Mangalore. Here’s how you reach St Mary’s Islands from Mangalore. Also Read - Happy Birthday, Dilip Vengsarkar: India Man of the 1980s

How to reach St Mary’s Islands by air

The nearest airport to the islands is Mangaluru Airport. From the airport, Malpe beach is around 58 km. There are ferries that go to the island from the beach, and it takes around 30 minutes to get there. You can catch a bus or a cab for Malpe right from the airport. Also Read - Monalisa Lights Diya With Hubby Vikrant, Shares Stunning Photo

How to reach St Mary’s Islands by road

Malpe is well-connected to Udupi city and Mangaluru by road, with plenty of private and public buses running the routes between these locations. Malpe Beach itself is just around 10 km from Udupi.

How to reach St Mary’s Islands by rail

Udupi railway station is around 4 km from Malpe and is thus the closest point if you are traveling by rail. You can find plenty of cabs and autorickshaws ready to head to Malpe right from the station. NOW READ: Amazing natural wonders of the world: Columnar Basaltic Lava, St Mary’s Islands

So ferries from Malpe harbor are the only way to get to St. Mary’s Island. The island itself is uninhabited, so there are no places to stay here either. You can explore the islands by rickshaw or foot. For staying, Udupi is the closest major tourist spot and the preferred location for most.