Babies are not meant to fly at altitudes of 39,000-plus feet above sea level. So if you take a baby on a long flight, expect at least some resistance. In fact, it is best if travel is kept to a minimum when you have a baby, at least during the initial years. But if you really want to take your child with you, or if travelling with a baby is unavoidable, here is a look at how you can get through long flights with a baby without too much trouble to the child, you or your co-passengers. Also Read - New Single-Day Spike Record Every Day: 9,304 New Cases in Last 24 Hours | 10 Developments

Arrive very early at the airport

First things first, you need to plan out your ride to the airport so that you have plenty of time to get through the security and pre-boarding formalities. The extra time could be used in handling any untimely diaper changes or clean-ups that could come up. While you may be at an airport surrounded by thousands of other people, it is best not to expect help from anyone. The old adage of ‘hope for the best and prepare for the worst’ holds true here, so keep enough time to do everything on your own. With enough buffer time, you could be boarding the flight with a lot less stress. Also Read - World Environment Day 2020: From Planting Trees to Controlling Industrial Waste, 5 Things One Should Continue Doing Post Lockdown Period

Schedule your flights with your baby’s sleep timings

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As much as possible, you should try to schedule your flight to coincide with your baby’s sleep timing or when your baby is less cranky. If you have not started sleep training yet, it’s best to do it after the entire trip. The baby is likely going to find it very difficult to sleep during the flight, so be prepared to keep him or her engaged and cheerful for the duration. If you have a bedtime routine, try to follow the same when you are on the flight. Keep the lights to a minimum and make it easier for the baby to get some sleep. Get rid of outside distractions and keep your baby as comfortable as you can.

Pack some healthy snacks but avoid sweets

Flight delays can occur, especially on long routes, so it is better to be on the safer side and carry more than enough baby formula or food for the duration of the day. If needed, reduce the number of drinks and snacks for your fellow travellers to make space for the baby’s supplies. You can always find food and drinks for adults at the airport, but it won’t be easy to find baby-friendly food items or snacks that your child would prefer. Also, it is important to avoid sugary items for the baby. The last thing you want is to deal with a child on a sugar high. Another thing to avoid: dairy products and pasta, since they can be very problematic if your baby vomits. ALSO READ: Safety tips for mothers travelling alone with children

Keep your diaper changing kit ready on the flight


When you are on the flight, keep your changing kit ready, including a hand sanitiser, wet wipes, plastic bags and at least a couple of diapers. You can find changing tables or stations in some flights, though they are typically right at the rear end of the plane. And they may be a little cramped, so be prepared to manage the change in a small space. With an older baby, you may find it easier to use pant-style pull-on diapers, at least for the duration of the flight. And it goes without saying, but clean up after you are done with the change. And your baby is likely going to vomit as well, so keep the air sickness bag in your seat pocket so that you can whip it out when the time comes. NOW READ: 5 precautions to take while travelling with babies during summer

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