While travel is something that never goes out of style; the way you travel certainly changes from time to time. The most adventurous are the young travellers who don’t have enough in their pockets but have tremendous energy to rough it out. The older lot, however, believe in comfort, safety and luxury, much more than going an extra mile to make it a budgeted trip. Also Read - Essentials Every Camper Must Have While Being Out In The Wild

From roughing it out to comfortable beds Also Read - Important Tips to Remember While High Altitude Hiking in India

In our mid-20s, and to an extent even the early-30s, we don’t mind roughing it out in tents, camps or even super uncomfortable bedding in a motel. Until, our body starts to demand better sleeping arrangements. While the young can compromise comfort to save a few bucks, the old truly don’t believe in saving that extra buck. They instead opt for hotels that offer convenience and comfort. Also Read - Ultimate Checklist For When You're Travelling Abroad

Comfort trumps time

Spending extra hours at the airport so you can get tight connections or catching red-eye flights to get tickets at lower rates are attractive only upto a point in life. When you’ve travelled like that for a while, you begin to understand that no amount of money is worth putting your health through that.

Improvising doesn’t work forever

This has got more to do with increased responsibilities than advancing years. The younger generation usually tend to have more time in hand, with their personal and professional schedules being slightly more flexible. So, then you can just head to a place without having planned anything in advance. But as a senior traveller, the idea of not being in control of every little detail is quite unnerving.

The familiar replaces adventure

The approach to travel slowly shifts from seeking adventure to avoiding disaster in most cases of travellers who’ve travelled far and wide. Interestingly, as your means grow, your choices will shrink. Familiarity takes the place of spontaniety. While we’re ready to try out newer things when we’re younger, getting old means seeking comfort in the known.

Living the luxe life

The phrase about getting wealthier and lazier as you age rings true in the case of most veteran travellers. They don’t mind indulging in luxury even if it’s something as plain as a road drive. With years of doing your own laundry and running other errands for the house, it understandably makes the traveller yearn for utmost luxury.