Rajasthan is, arguably, the most and regal and colourful state of India, putting it at the top of every traveller’s list. But if you’re one for solo travel, and fear how it would turn out in the desert land, we’re here to convince you to give it a shot with all your faith. Also Read - Maharashtra Police Nabs 2 Container Trucks Carrying 300 Migrant Workers Back Home

The most important aspect, that of safety is a crucial one. And Rajasthan for one is a state where full liberty is given to the traveller. You can dress or walk the way you want, and you still wouldn’t draw attention. The people of Rajasthan know well to treat their guests with respect. Also Read - Viral Video: Doctors in Rajasthan Sing 'Chhodo Kal Ki Baatein' to Show Hope in The Times of Coronavirus

As for the things that one can do in the state – there is no dearth. In fact, chances are you’ll come back after experiencing only 1% of what it has to offer. Famed primarily for its rich culture and imposing forts and palaces, lakes and mountains, and religious or cultural festivals, Rajasthan has many layers that can be peeled and experienced. Also Read - With 25 Positive Coronavirus Cases, Rajasthan Under Complete Shutdown Till March 31

Below are some top reasons for picking Rajasthan as a solo travel destination:

  1. Enchanting instagrammable doorways and monuments

2. Festive feel all year round

3. Never enough time to soak in all the beauty

4. Cultural events every evening in most hotels

5. Warm, hospitable, non-interfering locals

6. The kind of food, the taste of which you won’t forget for a long time

7. Never run out of things to do and see..

8. Well-connected to most of the world with most hotels in Rajasthan providing pick-up from airport or station