Living in Mumbai has its perks and drawbacks. The City of Dreams is a land of opportunities making it ideal for entrepreneurs and ambitious individuals who want to make it big in life. However, what this means is that Mumbai has a very busy pace and is extremely crowded. So, all the hardworking people living her crave for breaks every once in a while to get away from the crazy, hectic routine. Mercifully, Mumbai is surrounded by amazing places to visit that are abundant in natural beauty. Take Igatpuri for instance. Located in the lush green Western Ghats, Igatpuri offers marvelous views all around. The weather in Igatpuri, especially during winter and monsoon, is simply splendid. For those who are tired after months of hard work, Igatpuri is just what the doctor ordered. Its rolling green hills and gushing waterfalls are music to the soul. Here are some breathtaking Igatpuri photos that show why you must take a trip to Igatpuri for that much-needed break. Also Read - Maharashtra Reports 72 Coronavirus Deaths in 24 Hours, Total Positive Cases Climb to 1,135

That’s how Igatpuri looks during the monsoon season

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Rare to see a road so empty, unless it’s a place like Igatpuri

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Igatpuri during monsoon again!

Igatpuri photo 3

Myanmar gate is a massive entrance to the Global Vipassana Pagoda and is a meditation centre and a famous spot to visit in Igatpuri

Igatpuri photo 4

Marvelous waterfall at Igatpuri

Igatpuri photo 5

Igatpuri during the monsoon season AGAIN – because there’s no place better

Igatpuri photo 6

A milestones at Igatpuri

Igatpuri photo 7

Famous temple at Igatpuri!

Igatpuri photo 8

Beautiful, isn’t it? So next time you feel like going on a drive from Mumbai, just head to Igatpuri.