It is not surprising that many of us love to travel during monsoons. The rains multiply the beauty of a place manifold, and everybody from backpackers to luxury travellers like a good holiday during the months between June and September. However, it’s not to say that monsoons don’t come with its share of hardships. Here’s a list of dos and don’ts to make travel simpler for you:

Do waterproof your gear

Whether it’s your clothes, camera or laptop, whatever it is that you’re carrying in your backpack, your backpack should have a waterproof cover on it if you’re out during monsoon. Carry a sturdy ziplock even for your phones. And make sure you have a raincoat, umbrella and boots on you at all times.

Do carry additional power backup

Carrying extra portable chargers and power banks, as well as a few extra batteries is the wisest thing to do if you’re hitting the road during monsoons. You may not get a power socket at the restaurant you stop by on the highway; so ensure that your battery-operated devices have enough battery at all times.

Do not eat street food

If there’s one season you shouldn’t touch street food, it’s the monsoon. And more so, when you’re travelling. Carry your own ready-to-eat food and boiled water. Street food host some minacious germs that give way to food poisoning, diarrhoea and the like, because they’re easily contaminated during rains.

Do not get comfortable at the beach

Befriending the waves during monsoon is inviting disaster. While you may love the beaches during the monsoons, going for a swim, or indulging in water sports is a strict no-no. The high tides and violent waves that hit the shores make it impossible to sit and even relax at the beach, so go find yourself a comfortable shack instead.

Do not undertake risky adventure activities

While there’s a different high of trying adrenaline pumping activites during monsoons, they come with their own sets of perils and predicament. Avoid especially dicey ones like rock climbing, abseiling, rafting, caving and bouldering.