While a flight experience is generally smooth for travellers all across India and the globe, except for a few glitches here and there, exercising a few hacks does not hurt anyone. If you’re someone who wishes that their luggage came faster at the luggage carousel or that you got some extra legroom, read on to find out how you can make it happen.

Leave the middle seat vacant while booking as a couple 

The most important of the hacks: while booking your sets if two people are travelling together, always leave the middle seat vacant. Another traveller is unlikely to pick that seat unless the flight is full. If luck favours you, you may end up with the whole row to yourself. If not, you can always trade your seats with the middle person.

Book an aisle seat while travelling alone

If you’re a solo traveller, there’s no better seat than the aisle one. It’s even better than the window seat; it allows you to move around freely without disturbing others. There’s extra room and breathing space because you are not sandwiched between two people. Plus, if you’re a frequent washroom-goer, this seat is a blessing.

The emergency exit and front row seats always have more legroom

If you are tall and feel suffocated in crammed spaces, make sure you opt for emergency exit or front rows. You can arrive early at the check-in counter to request for these seats, and if it doesn’t work out for you, you can always pay a little extra for a comfortable flight experience.

Mark your baggage as fragile for it to arrive first

Though this isn’t fail-proof, a great way of expecting early luggage is by having the fragile tag put on it. While checking-in your luggage, request for the fragile tag; they usually handle it with more care and ensure that it’s boarded that last and dispatched the first.