India is one such place whose climatic conditions are compelling. On this piece of land, there are regions that experience scorching heat whereas there are zones that go through the spine-chilling cold. This gives enormous options to Indian travellers. You do not need to step outside India in order to experience a certain kind of temperature. Our unique and exotic land has everything one can ask for. Here, we will talk about some extremely cold but beautiful places in India. Read on to know about them.


Located at an altitude of 10,990 feet above the sea level, Dras is known for its spine chilling cold weather. The temperature in Dras drops down to – 45 degrees Celsius. Known as the gateway to Ladakh, Dras is located in Jammu & Kashmir at around 60 km from Kargil. Its exceptional and picturesque surroundings make it look like a paradise. Notably, Dras is the second coldest place in the world. Snow-capped mountains and bright sunlight make the beauty of Dras worth witnessing.


Home to an array of beautiful attractions, Leh has a stunning landscape. If you are looking for a heaven on Earth, you should pay a visit to Leh. Surrounded by the World’s highest mountain ranges, Leh has its unique charm and glory. The snow-capped mountains, Buddhist monasteries, and beautiful valleys are responsible for its mesmerizing beauty. Here, the temperature falls down to -42 degrees Celcius.


Located in close proximity to the line of control, Kargil is popular for the unforgettable war between India and Pakistan that occurred in July 1999. Nestled at an altitude of 8780 feet above the sea level, Kargil experiences – 40 degrees Celsius temperature during winters. Considered as the adobe of adventure seekers, Kargil offers various options like skiing, mountaineering, and trekking. Though bestowed with natural beauty, Kargil is not much visited because of security reasons.