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India’s first rain museum is all set to open in Cherrapunji, Meghalaya. Most of us probably remember Cherrapunji from our school text books as ‘the wettest place on earth’ and it only seemed apt that a rain museum be opened here, right? The Rain Museum and Weather Research Center is scheduled to open sometime this year. Meghalaya Basin Development Authority will construct this museum-cum-research center which will essentially study weather patterns, rainfall predictions and develop research mechanisms. What’s more, it will also house artifacts of the local Khasi tribe and information on how they cope with and live in such weather conditions. The museum will also offer insights into their food and culture and will have theme-based galleries showcasing the history of Cherrapunji, the rains it receives and how it affects the society. Moreover, the museum will also have facilities for rainwater harvesting and waste management systems. Also Read - Why Visiting Cherrapunji Might be Special For a Traveller

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Contrary to popular belief Cherrapunji is not the wettest place on earth but rather one of the wettest places. By some accounts, Mawsynram, a hamlet some 15 km from Cherrapunji holds that record. Interestingly, despite receiving heavy rainfall every year, water shortage is not uncommon in Cherrapunji, which is where the rainwater harvesting would come particularly handy!

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