Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

West Bengal has its fair share of haunted places including the Writers’ Building where no one dares to stay back post working hours because of the spooky happenings. Then there is the South Park Street cemetery where people have complained about feeling sick after a visit and several other places that can scare the daylights off you. Another one to make it to this list is the Aleya ghost lights seen the swamps of Bengal. Also Read - Priest Practices Social Distancing by Squirting Holy Water on Baby With Toy Gun During Baptism

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The marshes in West Bengal is where you can observe these ghost lights called Aleya or jack-o-lantern. These are nothing but a flickering ball of light that emerge in the marshy regions of West Bengal and Bangladesh and have caused many deaths too. The fishermen community of the area have often spotted these and has led to deaths of many fishermen who followed it or were transfixed after seeing Aleya. They believe that these lights are the spirits of dead fishermen who lost their lives fishing in the marshes. These lights at times confuse the fishermen causing them to fall in the water and drown. But at times, these also help guide them and prevent them from getting into danger. Also Read - BSEB Matric Exam 2020: Bihar Board to Announce Result Tomorrow at 12:30 PM

Aleya ghost lights are not a new phenomenon and have been spotted at various places around the world. These lights known by different names have been associated with the paranormal or spirits of people. Some trying to help others while others leading them to their death. Once you follow them these lights flicker and diminish in size and often disappear that cause people to panic and lose their way. Not just in marshes, people around the world have seen these ghost lights in graveyards, swamps and bog lands. Also Read - 'Will Beat You with Belt’: Union Minister Renuka Singh's Threat to Chhattisgarh Officials Caught On Camera | Watch

These spook lights in Bengal are a common sighting and local fishermen will tell you tales about them. Would you dare to follow one if you ever see a ghost light? Tell us in the comments section below.


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