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As part of our series on haunted places in India, we’ve been taking you through some of the spookiest places in our country: from the haunted Karkardooma Court in Delhi that even has a video to prove how the office is haunted, to the Dumas Beach in Surat which is a black sand beach believed to have spirits roaming in the night. There are several stories about different places in India. Earlier we told you about Tunnel No 33 in Shimla that has a haunted legend behind its constructed (Read the complete story here), and this week we tell you about another place in Shimla the Charleville Mansion. Also Read - Kerala Re-run? Portion of Cow's Face Blown Away After Consuming Wheat With Crackers, Video Goes Viral

Even Rudyard Kipling in his book My Own True Ghost Story talks about this mansion in Shimla. According to the legend, Victor Bayley came to Shimla with his wife in 1913 when he was appointed the Assistant Secretary of the Railway Board. The couple decided to stay at Charleville Mansion because of its low rent however they did not know that the previous owner of the house, an army officer left the mansion because of a poltergeist’s activities in it. Also Read - Love in the Times of Corona: Russian Woman, Indian Man Enter Shimla by Hiding in Truck, Booked

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The story goes that the poltergeist activity was higher in one of the upper rooms and the owner locked down that room. But to his horror, the room was completely in shatters the next morning. He vacated the mansion after this incident. While the couple did not really find anything strange during their year-long stay at  Charleville Mansion, it was their domestic help that had an eerie experience.

Once the couple was out for a dinner party and the help was waiting for them in the mansion. He felt as if there was someone in one of the rooms upstairs and went ahead to check it out. To his horror, someone just passed through the closed door. Now isn’t that spooky a story? Once the couple left the mansion, it was sold to an Indian man who remodeled the place. Even today, people consider it to be one of the most haunted places in India.

Image for representational purpose only.

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