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Some of India’s most haunted places are not always secluded and ruins of a structure that is now dilapidated. At times, it is also a place that is full of life with buzzing human activity but also has an eerie feel to it. Most of these places are beautiful and picturesque during the day but as the night sets in, the vibe of the place changes thanks to the stories about it being haunted. The Cantonment Area and Sanjay Van in Delhi, the Shaniwar Wada in Pune and the Aarey Milk Colony in Mumbai are a few of these places. And today, we tell you about a chawl in Mumbai’s Mahim area, the D’Souza Chawl. Also Read - Cyclone Nisarga: IndiGo Cancels 17 Flights to And From Mumbai, to Operate Only 3

This chawl is lined with houses on both sides with a well in the middle of the compound without a boundary wall. Because of this, a woman who lived in the chawl who once went to fill water fell into the well and died. Since then it is believed her spirit roams in the area around the well. Many people have spotted a woman’s figure who disappears later. But her spirit is believed to be harmless claim the residents as it does not trouble anyone. But people are often advised not to go there at night alone. Another haunting in this chawl is that of a guard who is often spotted near one of the trees. He appears to be there in the night and people often see him guarding the area. Also Read - 'Touching Gesture'! Narayana Murthy Touches The Feet of Ratan Tata And Twitter Can't Stop Hailing The 'Historic Moment'

How much of it is hearsay and how much of it is really true, only the people who have seen it can say while others don’t believe it or just fear the unknown. Nevertheless, D’Souza chawl is one of the most haunted places in India. Would you dare to go here? Tell us in the comments section below.