Photograph: Shutterstock (Image used for representational purpose only)

Photograph: Shutterstock (Image used for representational purpose only)

As haunted tales continue to intrigue us, we add another one in our list. Kolkata has a host of places that are believed to be haunted. Most of these are prominent buildings built during the British Raj and today are used for offices, schools, etc. Nevertheless, the ghosts of the past continue to make their presence felt here on several occasions. From the haunted Writers’ Building where employees rush home before it gets dark in fear of encountering a spirit to South Park Cemetery where many have experienced dizziness after a visit, here’s another one to the list. We tell you about Hastings House that is over 250 years old and today is a university.Also Read - 100 Engineers, 500 Postgraduates Among 8,000 Applicants For 6 Lab Assistant Posts at Kolkata Hospital Morgue

According to the story, the ghost of Warren Hastings, India’s first Governor General still visits his home looking for some of his valuables that were misplaced when he moved from here to England. And his visit are nothing less than royal. They say a carriage drawn by four horses can be seen appearing near the building on some nights. Some see his spirit while others simply hear his footsteps that rush to one of the floor upstairs before disappearing. Also Read - IRCTC Latest News: Railways to Start Superfast Special Trains Between Jhansi And Kolkata From July 30 | Details Here

But Hastings’ spirit isn’t the only one that haunts this building. The ghost of a young boy is sometimes seen in the middle of the ground. There was once a group of boys playing football and one of them died on the spot when the ball hit him in the chest. His friends panicked and ran away. Many have heard their voices in the ground while some have seen a boy in the ground waiting for his friends to return. Another ghost is of a white horse. The building was once home to an owner who loved his horses and his favorite one was his white horse. One night someone shot it and it died. It is believed that the horse still can be seen on some nights before it disappears. Also Read - 'Say No to Bloodshed': Muslim Man Observes 72-Hour Fast to Protest Against Animal Sacrifice on Eid


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