India’s Most Haunted: National Library in Kolkata

This building is haunted by the spirit of the most famous ghost in India.

Published: May 30, 2016 8:30 AM IST

By Kriti Saraswat Satpathy

national library kolkata haunted

Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Kolkata, the city of joy is not spared from the haunting of spirits who refuse to leave some of the most iconic buildings in the city. Earlier we told you about Kolkata’s haunted Writers’ Building where no one dares to stay post office hours. We also told you about the South Park Cemetery where people experienced dizziness post their visit. And today we tell you about the haunted National Library.

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This building was earlier the residence of Warren Hastings, the first Governor General of the East India Company , before it became the National Library. And if legend is to be believed, he still roams here in the night and his faint apparition can be spotted at times. No, he isn’t here to scare away people or attack them. Rather, Hastings’ ghost roams here to find a black bureau that he couldn’t when he was alive. This bureau he believed has papers that could prove his innocence in the House of Commons but he was never able to find it. Even though all charges against him were dropped later, he still comes back in the hope of locating those papers.

Guards at the National Library are often armed with a copy of the Hanuman Chalisa to shoo away any spirits lurking around. But many have reported spotting a faint apparition of a man leaving them petrified. In 2010, a newspaper report added to the spookiness of the building when ASI conservation engineers discovered a mysterious room on the ground floor of the 250-year-old building that went unnoticed for decades. The chamber did not have any door or even a secret door to get in which added to what lies inside it. And guess what they put their money on – skeletons and treasure chests! Eerie isn’t it?

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Published Date: May 30, 2016 8:30 AM IST