Photograph: Shutterstock (Image for representational purpose only)

Photograph: Shutterstock (Image for representational purpose only)

Haunted stories are always intriguing and get more interesting when you know it is a real one that too close to home. The thought of experiencing something supernatural for real can be both thrilling as well as spine-chilling. In our series called India’s Most Haunted, we’ve told you about several haunted stories associated with different places in the country — from the Kuldhara village that lies abandoned even today, to Kurseong where locals have accepted living with spirits. And today, we tell you about this hotel in Lonavala named Raj Kiran. Also Read - Weekend Getaways in November For Traveholic Mumbaikars

Lonavala is one of Maharashtra’s most popular hill stations and a weekend getaway for Mumbaikars and people from Pune. The hill station gets more number of visitors especially during the monsoon months when the weather is extremely pleasant and there is lush greenery all around. Being such a touristy spot, there are several hotels that have cropped up in every corner of Lonavala and one of them is Raj Kiran and it is believed to be haunted. Also Read - Peninsula Land to invest Rs 160 cr to develop 600 apartments in Pune

You may think that it is in some secluded corner of the hill station on the outskirts, but it is right in the main city. Yet, its reputation for being haunted continues. Guests who have stayed here have reported experiencing strange things in one of the rooms. This room is on the ground floor, behind the reception area. The staff working here knows about it and these days the room is not allotted to any guest unless it is really required. This is because of the strange happenings here. Also Read - 5 Reasons Why You Must Visit Lonavala No Matter What People Say

Stories of bed sheets being pulled off at night, seeing a strange blue light near one’s feet and the constant feeling of someone’s presence in the room are not uncommon to hear. Many guests who’ve stayed here often complained of feeling weird in the room and wanted to change it. The staff would always comply because they too knew well that the room doesn’t really give good vibes. What really happened here is a mystery but no one really wants to stay here once they felt something strange. Would you check into this room?


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