Komodo National Park in Indonesia

Komodo National Park in Indonesia

The Komodo National Park in Indonesia is a name you may not have heard of. However, if you are a wildlife enthusiast, it is a place that should make it to your bucket list. Located in the Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia, the Komodo National Park is distinctively known for being home to the world’s largest lizard – the Komodo Dragon. The park was founded in the year 1980 with the aim of protecting the Komodo dragon. As the years passed by, it was entrusted with protecting other species too. It consists of three major islands – Komodo, Rinca and Padar – and several smaller islands covering a total area of 1,733 sq. km. The rich marine life in waters surrounding the Komodo National Park is quite remarkable and an attraction for tourists in itself making Komodo a diving hotspot. The Komodo National Park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1991, on account of its marvelous biodiversity. (ALSO SEE 10 endangered animals in India that you should see before they vanish!) Also Read - Instagram Influencer Auctions Her Virginity Online to Raise Funds for Covid-19, Apologises After Outrage

World's Largest Lizard, Komodo Dragon

World’s Largest Lizard, Komodo Dragon

While the splendid marine life and wide variety of species here is quite special, the Komodo National Park is primarily known for the Komodo Dragon, the world’s largest lizard. Known to grow to a maximum length of 3 meters, The Komodo Dragon weighs around 70 kilograms. It is a member of the monitor lizard family Varanidae. These lizards are known to dominate the ecosystems in which they live which means that they hunt mammals, birds and invertebrates with their venomous bite. Their diet is mainly known to consist of deer but there is also the occasional attack on humans, which is why it is imperative that tourists only go lizard-spotting with a guide and under proper precautions. CHECK OUT 10 best places to spot tigers in India Also Read - COVID-19: Couple Stitch See-Through Masks For People With Hearing Aid to Enable Easy Lip Reading

Best time to visit Komodo National Park in Indonesia

May to November is the mating season for Komodo Dragons. It is best to avoid visiting the park during this time as most adults hide during this time. December to April, which is the dry season, is the best time to visit the Komodo National Park to spot the Komodo Dragons. The weather is mostly pleasant during these months which means it is a good time, not just to spot the Komodo Dragons but also to go sight-seeing and scuba-diving. The National Park has miles of stunning coral reefs which are full of incredible marine species making it a great scuba-diving destination. Also Read - Indonesia Is Punishing Quarantine Violators By Making Them Stay in 'Haunted Houses'


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