The tradition of yoga in India has been around for over 5000 years, and it’s a delight to see that’s only flourishing in leaps and bounds with people becoming more health conscious now more than ever. This International Yoga Day, on June 21, give yourself the gift of enrolling in a yoga course in a destination of your choice. While there are yoga schools sprinkled all across the country, here are the top ones in North India. Also Read - 5-star Resort Near Rishikesh Turns Hotspot After 31 Staffers Test Positive For Coronavirus

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One of Maharashtra’s major cities, Pune is the central hub of learning different styles of yoga, thanks to a prevalent culture of holistic wellness in the city. Pune has a unique pulse when it comes to yoga schools and ashrams; this could be because it is home to BKS Iyengar and Osho, two extremely well-known figures in the yoga community. Also Read - 83-Year-Old Seer Who Lives in a Rishikesh Cave Donates Rs 1 Crore For Ram Temple Construction


For those on a budget, and an undying love for the mountains, head to Dharamshala to practice yoga from the best. Hordes of people travel here every year to learn the art of yoga, meditation, as well as Buddhist and Tibetan tradition. The natural beauty of this township in Himachal Pradesh is beyond words. There’s tons to do here; from trekking, cafe hopping to exploring gorgeous villages such as Bhagsu and cookery classes.


Also known as the ‘Yoga Capital of the World,’ Rishikesh in Uttarakhand is an idyllic place for yoga lovers. Nestled in the Himalayas, with the gorgeous river Ganga flowing by, Rishikesh is like a jewel studded in the Himalayan crown. There are tons of yoga schools and ashrams here; and learning from the gurus and sages is an experience like no other. The environment in Rishikesh is perfect to learn yoga, meditate and find peace.


The capital city of India, Delhi, is an extremely cosmopolitan city and the major centre of all political and business activities. However, the fast-paced life here is balanced with the sprouting of yoga schools and ashrams that have ace teachers from across the country. Therefore, if you want to put on the yoga shoes here, there’s a lot of scope for you. The city is home to some wonderful yoga and meditation ashrams and centres.