Have you ever thought of enjoying a train ride from the national capital Delhi to Picturesque Leh? No? Start thinking then. IRCTC has proposed the highest rail route project worth Rs. 83,360 crores. According to this proposal, a railway track will be constructed from Delhi to Leh to reduce the current journey duration which is 40 hours to 20 hours. The detailed survey of the vantage points and locations to construct an estimated 465 km long railway line is currently going on.

Notably, the Delhi to Leh train route will include 124 huge bridges, 396 smaller bridges, and 74 tunnels. The most scaring and adventurous thing is that one of the tunnels will run for approximately 27 km. And, one of the most important stations on the route will be Keylong. It will be constructed at an elevation of 3000 m. Notably, once constructed, Keylong will be officially the highest train station in the world. Presently, China’s Qingzang Railway enjoys this status. Also, the train coaches for Delhi to Leh rail line will be built keeping in mind the high altitude. Oxygen masks may also be present in coaches for the passenger.

Undoubtedly the project seems to be interesting and fascinating too but it would be the most difficult and challenging railway project ever for the Indian Railways. It is not easy to execute the planning of building railway lines through the mighty Himalayas. Also, the freezing temperature is one of the most common issues that workers will face. Moreover, the Bilaspur-Manali-Leh railway line will be of strategic importance too.