Ischia, one of Italy’s most beautiful islands, has been struck by a 4.0 magnitude earthquake killing two women and injuring several others. Located off the coast of Naples, the volcanic island is known for its several hot springs, mineral-rich thermal waters, and breathtaking beaches. It is a major tourist attraction thanks to its breathtaking beauty, wonderful weather and variety of resorts and restaurants. Ischia lies in the Tyrrhenian Sea at the northern end in the Gulf of Naples. It has an eclectic mix of spas, gardens, forests, vineyards and little towns like Ischia Porto. The main industry in Ischia is tourism which means that it always has a number of visitors. Ischia’s highest peak is Mount Epomea at an altitude of 788 meters. Ischia mostly has a mountainous terrain. To give you an idea of the beauty and splendor of this magnificent Italian island, here are 15 breathtaking photos of Ischia that will make you want to visit it at least once. Also Read - Italy, Spain to Further Relax Coronavirus Lockdown Restrictions

Aerial view of Ischia’s ships and bridge from the Aragonese castle

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Magnificent Castello Aragonese of Ischia Island

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Beautiful blue waters off the coast of Ischia


A view of the island at sunset


Beautiful boats and lovely colorful buildings off the coast of Ischia in Italy


Another stunning aerial shot of Italy’s volcanic island of Ischia


One of the several luxury resorts on the Ischia island


An evening scene from Ischia


An aerial view of the volcanic island of Ischia


Just a regular, bright day at a beach in Ischia


Another view of Ischia island from the sea


The Ischia island as viewed from a distance on a bright and sunny day


The splendid Aragonese castle is one of the prominent tourist attractions of Ischia


Aerial view of the beautiful Maronti beach in Ischia


We leave you with this picture of Ischia’s coast, buildings, blue waters and clear blue sky!


Most people think of Venice, Rome and Florence when they consider an Italian vacation. However, these stunning photos show that the island of Ischia has everything it takes to make your vacation a memorable one.