Italy has put a ban on travel between regions and midnight mass during Christmas. The country decided to do so as it recorded its highest daily coronavirus death toll. Starting from December 21 to January 6, the people of Italy will only be allowed to move for any emergency, work, or medical reason, as per reports.Also Read - Amid Threat of Third Wave of Corona, 28% Indians Plan to Travel During Aug-Sept: Survey

The country has also decided to impose a curfew from 10 PM to 5 AM, restaurants in some regions will be allowed for takeaway services till 6 pm. Italy has also banned ski slopes till January 7. Also Read - 'Mumbai, Delhi And Other Big Cities Practically COVID-Free', India Asks UK to Review Travel 'Red List'

In a bid to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said, “We cannot let down our guard. We must eliminate the risk of a third wave which could arrive in January – and not less serious than the first and the second.” Also Read - International Travel: Open Air Travel For Vaccinated Passengers, Says Global Airlines' Association

With Christmas around the corner, people want to meet and greet to celebrate the festival. On this Sandra Zampa, Junior Health Minister said that people must end the Christmas Eve mass by 8.30 PM and return to their respective homes before 10 pm before the curfew time starts. Zampa said that people should celebrate within the family and avoid meeting non-family members.

Italian people will not be able to step out to celebrate Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day.

As reported by BBC, these restrictions and bans have been criticized by regional authorities and have raised the concern that the central government did not consult them. The official statement read, “The lack of discussion has made it impossible to balance the curbs with the needs of families.”

Governor of the Northern Lombardy region- Attilio Fontana also showed disagreement and criticized the new curbs. Fontana called the new rules ‘crazy’.

Around 58,852 people died in Italy since the onset of COVID-19, and unfortunately, on Thursday, Italy broke its highest death rate record when nearly 1,000 people died. The total number of cases as recorded on Saturday was 1,688,939.