Jaipur, the Pink City, is one of India’s most priced gems when it comes to tourism. One of its major attractions is the prestigious Zee Jaipur Literature Festival which hosts esteemed authors, thinkers, artists, and tourists from all across the globe. During the JLF, Jaipur transforms into a cultural hub of exciting activities. This year, the Jaipur Literature festival is being held from January 19th to January 23rd. However, even if you are not a literature fan, there is a lot for you to witness in Jaipur at this time. ALSO SEE Jaipur Literature Festival 2017: Dates, Events, Registration and everything you need to know Here are 10 reasons why you must be in Jaipur RIGHT NOW! Also Read - Terrifying Videos of Locust Attack Take Over Twitter; 'What's Wrong With You 2020', Ask Netizens

The weather right now is spectacular in Jaipur

Jaipur-Amer-Fort Also Read - Rajasthan News: Shocking! Mentally Disabled Minor Gangraped, Strangulated to Death by Brother, 3 Friends

The best time to visit Rajasthan is winter. The months of November to February are extremely pleasant and perfect to explore the beautiful rustic charm and historic magnificence of this state. The city of Jaipur has several attractions worth checking out. Taking walks on the streets of the city and exploring its many wonders during this time of the year is a priceless experience. Also Read - Shocking Extent of Hunger: Starving Man Found Eating Dead Dog Near Jaipur, Viral Video Stuns India

The view of sunset from Jaigarh Fort is stunning

Photograph Courtesy: Acred99/Wikimedia Commons

Photograph Courtesy: Acred99/Wikimedia Commons

The majestic Jaigarh fort offers picturesque views of the city of Jaipur and the view of the sunset from here is simply mesmerizing. The Jaigarh fort is also famous for the Jaivana canon which is known to be the biggest canon in the world. This fort was built to protect the nearby Amer fort and gained great historic significance over the years. It is referred to as the ‘fort of victory’ as it has never been conquered.

The Hawa Mahal looks even more alluring

Jaipur 2

The Hawa Mahal or Wind Palace is one of the marvels of Rajasthan’s architecture. Built by Sawai Pratap Singh in 1747, Hawa Mahal has latticed windows that were deigned to allow royal ladies have a view of the market place. It has a total of 953 windows and is one of the most brilliant pieces of architecture in Rajasthan. Checking out the Hawa Mahal is on the bucket list of almost everybody who visits this enchanting state.

No better time to explore the historic Nahargarh fort

Nahargarh fort

ANother magnificent fort worth exploring in Jaipur is the Nahargarh fort. Known for its humongous size and impressive backdrop of Jaipur, Nahargarh fort is a popular attraction that should not be missed. The 12 identical suites built for Sawai Madho SIngh’s queens and the main suite built for the king are all reminders of the royal life during the bygone era. CHECK OUT Nahargarh fort: 6 fascinating facts about Jaipur’s 18th century masterpiece

The experiece of checking out the instruments at Jantar Mantar is unparalleled


Jantar Mantar in Jaipur will introduce you to the brilliant minds of the past. Literally translated to Measurements and Instruments, Jantar Mantar is a popular landmark in Jaipur which gives you a sneak peek into the way weather measurements and predictions were made in the past. This observatory will take you back in time and its huge collection of astronomical instruments will leave you stunned. It is also home to the world’s laergest sun dial.

Shopping at Johri bazaar and MI road is not tiring at all

Jaipur shopping

Jaipur is a shopper’s delight. It is considered one of the best wedding shopping destinations in India and places like Johri Bazaar are extremely popular for their lehngas and jewelery. MI road too has a bunch of options for you to explore. Since the weather is so amazing in January, you will not get tired too easily and can hop across shops and streets effortlessly. DO SEE 11 stunning photographs of Jaipur that are so inviting, you’ll start packing immediately

What better time to try out the delicious and spicy Laal Maans?


Anybody who visits Jaipur must try out its delicious and famous Laal Maas! A lamb dish known for its extremely spicy taste, the Laal Maas (or Maans) will make you drool before you start eating it and then cry before you are done. The taste of the spices and red chillies is bound to stay with you for ever.

Best time get a slice of luxury at the Rambagh Palace!


Once named the best hotel in the world, the Rambagh Palace spells luxury. If you can affors it, even just a night’s stay here is totally worth the amount you spend. The decor, ambiance and service at the Rambagh Palace will make you feel the most pampered you have ever felt in your life.  DO SEE 12 of the most expensive hotels in India

A tour of the City Palace will be enriching


And then there is the magnificent City Palace right next to Jantar mantar in Jaipur. A tour of the palace will get you in awe of its architecture and history. It is the palace where the Maharaja of Jaipur reigned from. The palace complex consists of famous historical gates and rooms which will take you back in time. DO SEE Jaipur Literature Festival 2017 schedule: Here’s what’s happening at the fest this year

And then of course, JLF 2017 promises to be as electric as ever!

Jaipur Lit Fest

And how can we forget one of the world’s greatest free literary events going on in Jaipur right now? The Zee Jaipur Literature Festival 2017 is underway and is a great place to witness the power of literature and music. Clubbing your Jaipur trip with the alluring sessions held at the JLF will make your vacation truly memorable.


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