Janmashtami Dwarka

Janmashtami celebration in Dwarka

Krishna Janmashtami celebrates the birth and life of one of the most revered Hindu gods, Krishna. The prankster, warrior, emperor and lover is considered an avatar of Vishnu, one of the Hindu trinity of gods, but is worshiped as a god in his own right. Janmashtami, also called Gokulashtami, is celebrated across the country in different ways, but in general it spans two days. This year, based on the Hindu lunar calendar, it falls on August 14 and 15, 2017. And here we look at the celebrations that happen across Maharashtra, where the god is revered and called Govinda. ALSO READ: Janmashtami Celebration in India: How Janmashtami is celebrated in Maharashtra, Vrindavan, Mathura and Manipur Also Read - Maharashtra Reports 72 Coronavirus Deaths in 24 Hours, Total Positive Cases Climb to 1,135

There are several temples, small and large, dedicated to the god across the state. But most of the action takes place in Mumbai city. You can find celebrations happening across several localities across Mumbai, with communities arranging separate activities, some in their own special way, to celebrate the birth of their god. Juhu, an upper-end coastal suburb, has an impressive temple built and managed by ISKCON, where you can find special programs and activities for the festival. Also Read - Mumbai Makes Wearing of Masks Compulsory in Public Places, Defaulters to be Arrested

The Hare Krishna Temple lies near Juhu Beach as well, so you can take a break from the activities when needed and head to the beach for some peace and quiet. And it does get quite hectic during the festival; plenty of people will be singing, chanting and participating in activities across the city. You can also head to other famous Krishna temples in Mumbai city for witnessing Janmashtami celebrations. Also Read - Read About Wuhan, Things Can be Better With Time: Uddhav Expresses Hope as Country Battles With COVID-19

The Dahi Handi competitions are the highlight of Krishna Janmashtami celebrations in Maharashtra, especially in Mumbai. Clay pots of butter, curd and some cash are strung from a height, and participants form a human pyramid to get to the top and break the pot to retrieve the treasures inside. Dahi Handi is a revered tradition of the festival, and you will find plenty of competitions happening everywhere in Mumbai to celebrate Krishna’s obsession with butter and curd. CHECK OUT: Krishna Janmashtami 2017 In Mathura: Here’s how Gokulashtami is celebrated in Shri Krishna’s birthplace

Apart from the competition, households across the city also perform rituals within their homes or at temples, reciting prayers and chanting songs to honor the god. Many people observe fasts on the first day of Janmashtami until midnight, which is when it is said that Krishna was born.