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Flying is an experience that many aren’t really fond of. The cramped leg space, sitting next to strangers, the fear of something untoward happening in mid-air and to add to the madness, the wails of a crying baby. While most of us love just how cute and cuddly newborns can be, they can get on our nerves once they start crying. Mothers who travel with crying babies often get a stink-eye from fellow flyers for creating a ruckus on board. And to address this very issue, JetBlue came up with a fantastic campaign that both moms flying with babies and fellow passengers will love. Also Read - Suzuki Motor Resumes Operations in Gujarat Plant

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According to a promotional video shared by JetBlue, their new campaign called Fly Babies is all about making mothers feel comfortable and confident about traveling with their babies without the fear of people around her giving her dirty looks. So every time a baby cries, the passengers get a 25 per cent discount on their next trip with JetBlue. This not just had people smiling and cheering for babies but not making a fuss when they occasionally did cry. Their tagline — smile at a baby, for crying out loud — wonderfully captures their campaign’s motto. This promotional offer comes just a few days before Mother’s Day. Watch the video below:

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