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One of the most popular festival in north India especially Delhi is here. Karwa Chauth is on October 19 this year and women begin preparing for it well in advance. From buying festive clothes to prepping up the puja thali, Karwa Chauth celebrations in Delhi are huge and many working women even take the day off from work to observe the fast. The festival begins at sunrise and ends when the moon comes out. If you are wondering how Karwa Chauth is celebrated in Delhi, here’s all you need to know. Also Read - Trending News Today April 27, 2020: Nearly 1 Lakh Litres Of Fresh Beer in Maharashtra To Be Poured Down the Drains, Here's Why

Thanks to Bollywood movies, many people who do not celebrate the festival also know how Karwa Chauth is celebrated. Several songs and sequences have been filmed about this festival and Bollywood couples too celebrate this occasion on a large scale. However, Delhi which is a hub of north Indians, comes alive during this time of the year. You will find sales in shops, stores lined with red attire and women out in markets shopping for their outfit for Karwa Chauth. There are events also organized at a few places a few days before the festival. Beauty parlors introduce exciting offers to attract customers as they usually see a peak during this time when women want to look their best. The festivities begin much in advance. Also Read - Earthquake With Magnitude 2.7 Hits Delhi Yet Again, Tremors Felt Across NCR

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How is Karwa Chauth celebrated?

The word karwa refers to a pot and chauth means fourth as the festival falls on the fourth day of the Hindu month Kartik. Married women as well as many unmarried girls observe a fast that begins at sunrise and ends at moonrise. They do not consume food or water during this time and break their fast only after the moon comes out.

The mother-in-law of the bride gifts her sargi that has foods like matthi (fried snack), fruits, mehendi, clothes, cosmetics, karwa, bangles, etc. She wakes up before dawn and eats the food given to her and then wears new clothes that is nothing short of a bridal look. Women look their best during Karwa Chauth. They then rest and refrain from household chores since they are fasting. The fast is observed for the long life of their husband.

In the evening, women step out with their puja thali and gather to perform rituals where an elderly married woman narrates the tales associated with Karwa Chauth. One such story is about Savitri who brought back her husband Satyavan from the dead after she observed this fast. Another one is about Queen Veervati who fasted for her husband but could not keep up and seeing this, her brothers created a mirror behind a peepul tree. She assumed it is the moon and broke her fast. But soon, she got the news that her husband, the king passed away. She was heartbroken and soon a goddess appeared in front of her who told her how her brothers had tricked her. She advised her to observe the fast once again with full devotion and when Queen Veervati did so, Yama was forced to bring back her husband to life.

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After the stories, women exchange their puja thalis by passing them around in a circle. These thalis have gifts that any married woman should have such as sindoor, mehendi, bangles, cosmetics, etc. After this ritual, women can drink a glass of juice to regain their energy. But the fast is far from over.

Women patiently wait for the moon to come out. Most of them head to their terrace or the garden around the time the moon is expected to rise. They carry a plate with the karwa, some sweets and a sieve. Women cover their heads and when they see the moon, they offer water from the karwa to it. They pray to the moon and then look at it through the sieve. Men also accompany their wives for this ritual as after glancing at the moon, they glance at their husband through the sieve. The men then offer water to their wife from the karwa and feed them something sweet. This is when the fast comes to an end. Husbands also pamper their wives by gifting them something and thanking them for observing the fast for their long life. Couples usually have a lavish meal for dinner to end the festivities of Karwa Chauth.


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