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The Kaziranga National Park, a World Heritage Site and home to the highest density of tigers in a protected area worldwide, has been badly hit by the floods that are ravaging Assam, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Bihar. The floods are the worst to hit Assam in 29 years, with a rising human death toll. The rare endemic wildlife of Kaziranga National Park have also suffered from the ongoing floods; park officials have said that at least 225 animals have died in the reserve so far. As of August 19, nearly a third of the national park remained engulfed in water after a second wave of floods hit the state. While the flood water has started to recede, it will take a few days to complete given the current pace. ALSO READ: Why you should go to Kaziranga National Park! Also Read - Viral Video: Over 20 Rhinos 'Chilling' at Kaziranga National Park During Lockdown | Watch

Around 15 rhinos have died so far, which is said news given that the sanctuary is home to two-thirds of all of the world’s surviving one-horned rhinos. Park officials also reported the death of four elephants, 178 hog deer and a tiger. Rising water levels of the Brahmaputra River can leave most of the park submerged in the monsoon months, but floods in recent years have been particularly devastating. In the 2012 floods, 793 animals died including 13 rhinos. In 2016, 504 animals perished. Most animals migrate to the Mikir Hills and other higher-altitude regions south of the park. CHECK OUT: Shillong to Kaziranga National Park: How to reach Kaziranga National Park from Shillong by road Also Read - Vulnerable Wildlife at Risk As 116 Animals Including 11 Rhinos Dead in Assam's Flooded Kaziranga Park

Kaziranga National Park remains closed during this dangerous season from June to September, and it can stay closed for longer too if the damage is bad. Given the destruction caused by these floods, there is a chance that the park may remain closed for a little longer than usual. The Assam floods have damaged homes and roads and washed away bridges and cut off railway services. If the flood damage does not get worse, the Northeast Frontier Railway expects to fix the rail links by the end of August. If you plan on visiting Kaziranga National Park, we recommend doing so between the months of November and April. After April, the park gets really hot and humid, making it very challenging to explore the vast park and spot the animals and birds that call it home. From November to April, though, the weather is more pleasant and the park is most beautiful.