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While Kerala is one of the most sought-after travel destinations in India, the state is currently battling a health concern that you should be aware of. A deadly virus has led to concerns in the south Indian state. Termed Nipah, the virus is a rare one and has caused the death of 3 people in Kerala’s coastal Kozhikode region. The victims were aged 23, 25 and 50 respectively. Understandably, this outbreak has the health department worried and on high alert. Also Read - Karnataka on High Alert After Norovirus Outbreak in Kerala

The exact kind of virus that led to the disease that killed the 3 victims is still not clear. A special task force has been formed to investigate the deaths. Efforts are on to ensure that any eventuality resulting from the virus can be tackled. ALSO SEE Vembanad Lake Photos and Facts: 5 Reasons to Visit Kerala’s Largest Lagoon Lake Also Read - Kerala Missing Child Case: Anupama's Baby Brought Back From Andhra Pradesh, DNA Test to Follow

According to the World Health Organization, the Nipah virus can cause the disease in pigs and domestic animals as well as humans. No vaccine is available right now for either. The state’s hea;th minister stated that special medical camps have been set up at Changarothu in Kozhikode to avoid further spread of the disease. The Central Government has also been approached for intervention to control this deadly outbreak.

Travellers are advised to exercise caution. The only treatment for the disease is intensive supportive care. As per WHO, the best way to prevent infection through this virus is to avoid exposure to sick pigs or bats, especially in notorious, endemic areas. Also avoid drinking raw date palm sap and consumption of fruits that have fallen from trees.