There is something about flowers that makes your heart melt in an instant. Spending some time amidst flower gardens can be the best way to get rejuvenated. One of the world’s largest flower gardens is located in South Holland province of The Netherlands. Named Keukenhof, the flower garden has come to be known as one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. It is often called the Garden of Europe. (ALSO SEE Amsterdam Tourism: Gorgeous Photos of the Dutch Capital That’ll Make You Fall in Love With It) Here are some marvelous photos of Keukenhof that will tempt you to pay it a visit. Also Read - Dutch Government Advises People Seeking Intimacy to Find 'Sex Buddy' During Lockdown Phase

Dutch windmill and colorful tulips in Keukenhof, South Holland, Netherlands

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Blooming flowers in Keukenhof park in The Netherlands, Europe

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Another scenic shot of Keukenhof park in the Netherlands

Keukenhof photo 3

Flower river in Keukenhof park in Amsterdam area, Netherlands

Keukenhof photo 4

Rows of red, orange and yellow tulip flowers in Keukenhof, The Netherlands

Keukenhof photo 5

Alley with white blooming trees (Prunus triloba) in Keukenhof park in Holland

Keukenhof photo 6

Keukenhof park of flowers on a bright day

Keukenhof photo 7

People cross the path through a pond with a beautiful fountain on a sunny spring day at Keukenhof

Keukenhof photo 8

A building at Spring flower park Keukenhof showing the name of the park

Keukenhof photo 9

Multicolored flower bed, Keukenhof, the Netherlands

Keukenhof photo 10

Spring garden with canal and boat in Keukenhof, Holland

Keukenhof photo 11

Dutch Bulb Flowerfield near Keukenhof gardens

Keukenhof photo 12

So, if you want a rejuvenating trip, attend the Keukenhof Park in Holland!