When it comes to taking photographs, every minute detail is important and capturing it can become a bit tricky without the proper equipment. So along with buying a good camera you also need to consider what would be the most appropriate lens that would help you with your photography.Also Read - Can't Decide on a Camera? Professional Photographer Ashish Bharti Tells You How to Choose

In this episode, professional photographer Ashish Bharti, who shares his work on SnapoHolic, talks about the different kinds of lenses that you can consider buying. Also Read - Picture Perfect: Professional Photographer Ashish Bharti Talks About Importance of Camera Settings

In his interaction with host Pankaj Nath, Ashish Bharti explains in detail about the function of lenses and which cameras they would go best with. Also Read - Watch: Learn About Exposure And Use of Light in Second Session of Our 'Learn Photography' Series

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