Nothing is as refreshing as being enveloped by the quietude of a hill station. And what better place than Kodaikanal – the ‘Princess of Hill Stations’ – for a much-needed escapade. The place is especially beautiful during monsoons, when there’s just a slight nip in the air for you to comfortably wander about. While there are tons of sightseeing options from parks to view-points to even churches and museums, for the true nature lover, exploring the lakes and waterfalls is bound to be a true delight. Here are the top attractions if all you want is to immerse yourself in tranquility:

Berijam Lake 

Surrounded by beautiful verdant forests, Berijam Lake is absolutely pristine and serene all year long and a perfect spot for picnic with family and friends. It is a scenic freshwater reservoir, situated in the upper Palani Hills, at the original location of Fort Hamilton. The catchment area of this lake is rich in flora and fauna; with the shola forests and grasslands dominating the landscape, providing a habitat to a variety of wildlife animals such as bison, Indian elephant, langur, deer and nilgai.

Bear Shola Falls

About 3km from the Kodaikanal bus stand, Bear Shola Falls is a seasonal waterfall that comes alive especially during the monsoons. Just a short walk from Kodai Lake, this waterfall has the most gorgeous backdrop formed by the undulating terrain of dense forests. Untouched by tourism, this waterfall is a haven for peace lovers.

Kodai Lake 

This unique star-shaped, man-made lake is one of Kodaikanal’s best attractions. The lush meadows surrounding it makes it look straight out of a painting. From enjoying a family picnic on the banks to indulging in scenic boat ride, you can’t have a dull moment here. The outflow from the Kodai Lake results in a 180 feet high waterfall called the Silver Cascade, another popular spot.