Koraput is a land of vast, open skies, rolling hills, dense forests and stunning wildlife and is tucked along the Eastern Ghats, near the neighbouring states of Andhra Pradesh and Chattisgarh. It is one of the most picturesque places in Odisha, with rivers such as Machhakunda, Vamsadhara and Kolab meandering through it.

One of the most primary attractions in Koraput is the Kolab Dam. Perched at an altitude of 914m above sea level, the tranquil setting is perfect for those looking for some calm and quietude. The adjacent Kolab Park is a must-visit too; it houses 200 varieties of flowering plants and is quite a popular spot for spending the evenings.

Then the Kolab Reservoir, about twenty minutes from the dam, is a slice of pristine beauty making it the perfect country-side spot. If you don’t want a soul around you, this is where you should head for some relaxing time in the lap of nature.

There are quite a few waterfalls in Koraput; the most stunning being Rathibali Falls. The watchtower here constructed by the Odisha Tourism is a great spot to sit and enjoy the incredible beauty of this waterfall. Rani Duduma Falls, a three tier waterfall too offers a great experience amidst the wilderness of Eastern Ghats.

For the adrenaline junkie, a climb up Odisha’s highest peak – the Deomali Hills – should be on the list. It’s a two hour drive from the main city, and a scenic one at that. Inhabited by the indigenous tribes such as the kandhas, parajas, bhumia, malis and bhotias, it’s the perfect place to interact with them. Also, do not go back without catching a pastel-coloured sunset from here.

You can bring your trip to a close with a hike up the Gupteshwar Caves. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, these limestone caves are situated in the Ramgiri forest, and have great historical and mythological importance.